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Many options in one place

U.S. Stocks
ETF’s listed on NYSE and NASDAQ
Fractional Shares

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Timing is everything! Build a watchlist and
receive alerts when it’s time to trade. Or go
lights out and auto trade.

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Flexible Investment Account

Start investing with as little as a dollar
Deposit and withdraw at any time

Personalize your investment portfolio

Your financial position is unique, so why follow the crowd? Align risk and markets by choosing from a range proven strategies, or advanced users can customize algorithms and weightings.

Understand your performance in seconds, or drill into the details.
  • Performance over time
  • Investment split (cash, stocks, coins)
  • Transaction overview

Join our community to create trading groups, or hang out with like minded people to share and learn. (coming soon, news)
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Smart charts make it simple

We make it easy for you to use dozens of the most powerful algorithms in the market, such as MACD, Chaikin, and proprietary Machine Learning. Automated technical analysis removes confusion and steep learning curves by highlighting great trading opportunities.

Dcypher Market Score

A unique indicator showing at a glance if the markets are bullish, bearish, or about to swing.

Sentiment Analysis

Social media is increasingly becoming ‘market making’ as cohorts rally together. Capitalize on Twitter and Reddit events like ‘Dogeday’, or support for GME and AMC.

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Simulate trades
without risk

Invest virtual money and gain confidence without
risking your capital. Test different investment
strategies to see which works for you. Run
investment clubs or simply get a deeper
understanding of the market.

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Auto Trade
on the go!

We built this for non-traders so you can invest
with ‘one-click’. Or run lights out with Dcypher
Auto Trade so you can focus on what matters

  • Enters early during a market run
  • Preserves profits when the market crashes
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