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How to auto trade the best cryptocurrency with Dcypher

Dcypher Auto Trade is a new feature that simplifies when to invest in cryptocurrencies using either a single click or complete trade automation. Dcypher Auto Trade helps you to buy the dip or sell at the peak without the stress.


1 Minute Technical Analysis: Auto Trading

The Auto Trading feature of Dcypher gives you the ability to create your own algorithmic trading setup that will automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies for you.


How to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Warren Buffet said in 2021 commission free trading is “taking advantage of society’s gambling instincts”. This is all good and well, but when professional investors and hedge funds charge premiums (FUM typical model 2% management, 20% performance) and an entry point of $1.1m AUM, who can afford it?


1 Minute Technical Analysis: Market Score

The Market Score is an uniquely informative indicator developed at Dcypher. Instead of tracking a specific asset, it gives you an idea about the general condition of the market as a whole.


1 Minute Technical Analysis: SMA & EMA

Both SMA (Simple Moving Average) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average) are varieties of indicators relying on the stock price’s moving average.


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